Athlete. Instructor. Speaker. Entrepreneur. 


Kevin has been climbing since he was born. At first, it was fences, cupboards, ladders and trees. At age 14, Kevin stepped foot in Vertex Climbing Center and never looked back. "Climbing was always a very natural thing for me to do, so when I found rock climbing, it felt perfect. I can't imagine a sport that fits my personality any better."


Kevin quickly joined the ranks of Team Vertex and began traveling on the youth competition circuit. "I remember driving every weekend to a different competition, always hungry to improve on my last result." By 2001, Kevin began winning National level competitions for his age category and traveling to the Youth World Championships in Europe. "Competition climbing had a huge influence on my climbing style. I learned quickly that you only have one chance to succeed, so you need to make your efforts count. I've applied that same mentality to highball bouldering and all hard climbing in general."


Kevin stopped competing around 2002 and began to focus entirely on outdoor climbing. Since then, Kevin has gained a reputation for establishing cutting edge highball boulder problems across the globe, from California to Colorado to South Africa. Not limited to highball bouldering, Jorgeson has climbed several v14 boulder problems, including Ode to the Modern Man in Colorado, The Swarm in California, The Mandala Sit Start in California, and the second rope-less ascent of The Fly in New Hampshire. In England, together with Matt Segal and Alex Honnold, Jorgeson made headlines by quickly repeating many of the country's most feared and dangerous routes, including The Groove (E10), The Promise (E10), Meshuga (E9) and others. Most recently, Jorgeson applied all of his experience and preparation for his most dangerous and memorable first ascent to date, Ambrosia, a 45' 5.14 free solo in Bishop, CA.


In 2009, Kevin co-founded Pro Climbers International (PCI), an agency and advocacy group for the sport. PCI's mission is to develop and inspire generations of climbers through experiences, professional services, and athlete agency.  For climbers, PCI offers clinics, speaking events, and guiding by some of the world's greatest climbers. For gyms and universities, PCI offers instructor development workshops, community programs, and consulting services. For athletes, PCI provides brand creation, event booking and agency services. For more information, visit


Also in 2009, Kevin joined Tommy Caldwell in his quest to free climb the 3000' Dawn Wall of El Capitan. Over the next 6 years, Kevin and Tommy worked through injuries, storms, and seemingly endless failure. Between December 17, 2014 and January 14, 2015, Kevin and Tommy made the historic first free ascent of the Dawn Wall, widely considered as the hardest climb in the world.